Gapeworm – Does my Gasping Chicken Have it?

Written by Dr. Grant Richards – Allfarm Animal Health (Hastings, Victoria). Everyone seems to have heard of gapeworm. The main reason is that when you internet search “poultry respiratory disease” or “difficulty breathing” (or related terms) the Search Engines quickly tell you about Gape Worm. Gapeworm – or Syngamus trachea in Latin – when translated, […]

EcoGlow Safety Brooders – Why they are the Best on the Market

We have been so excited these past couple of months, knowing that these brooders were on the ship and making their way to Melbourne. I mean, seriously, Brinsea’s EcoGlow Brooder range was already recognised as the highest quality brooders on the poultry equipment market and somehow they have managed to make them even better!!! And […]

Storing Your Brinsea Incubator at the End of the Season

Finished incubating for the season? Need some handy tips on preparing your incubator for storage? Taking care to clean and store your Brinsea incubator is imperative to continuously have great hatch results, year after year. This article has some great suggestions on how to best protect your investment and retain optimal results. Storing Your Incubator […]