Choosing The Right Incubator – An English Study

A number of low cost Chinese made egg incubators have appeared on the (English) market in recent years, sold mainly on eBay but increasingly on Amazon and other websites raising concerns about their electrical safety. Incidents of imported incubators melting, catching fire and even exploding have been reported on many Facebook groups and on poultry […]

Information Centre

When you are looking to add a new member to the family (of the non-Human variety) it always helps to do your research. I have spent years compiling this information so new and potential backyard chicken keepers can find a lot of the information that they need in the one place. This information is always […]

Brinsea EcoGlow Safety Brooder FAQ

With the hobby of hatching chickens becoming increasingly popular, the variety of brooders and heat sources available to keep your baby chickens warm can be very intimidating. Some people use normal globes, some use ceramic globes, some use reptile heat lamps, some use a cold brooder (no direct heat source) and some purchase from overseas. […]

Australian Incubators & Brooders – Cheap Equipment Warning

In early October 2017, a horrible thing happened in outer Melbourne that has brought to light (again) the dangers of cheap poultry equipment being bought in Australia for hatching and brooding chickens. It is only 4 weeks into Spring and I have heard of one cheap Chinese imported incubator exploding inside a laundry (luckily no-one […]