Covid19, Chicken Availability and Customer Order Updates

Tuesday 13th October, 2020

Hey There Customers,

COVID-19 Updates

Thanks for supporting us during this difficult period. We are continuing to run our online store and planning on staying open as long as possible within Government recommendations/laws. Therefore, we are continuing to send out order as long as Australia Post will deliver. Being an online store, thankfully we have only had to make minor changes to our operation.

  1. No-Contact Pickup availability.
    We are only able to offer a ‘no contact’ pickup from our Cranbourne location for customers within the 5km limit. This means that all orders will need to be made online, then contact made with us for an appropriate time for pickup which will allow for the products to be safely positioned for pickup. Normally we are always happy to chat chickens and see how we can support you in your Chicken Keeping Journey, but in these unprecedented times we find that this is the best measure to take to keep everyone safe.
  2. Shipping Delays.
    OMG… there are so many shipping delays!!! Apparently couriers and Australia Post are flat out and we are definitely seeing this as it is taking sooooo long for us to get our products needed to fulfill orders. Australia Post are reporting that it is taking up to 10 day past their normal expected delivery timeframes due to less flights in the air (to transport parcels between major city depots) and an increase in online shopping.
    Please expect delays with dispatch and postage as our suppliers and Australia Post do the best they can to get products to us, so we can then send them onto you and your Feathered Family Members.
  3. Customer Order Delays.
    Please be understanding of these delays as they are out of our hands and we are truly doing the best that we can, given the limitations we are all having to live with during the Covid19 restrictions.

Arrival of Pet Chickens 2020

Updated 13th October 2020

Due to the increased demand in keeping backyard chickens, we have found a supplier who can meet the increasing demand we have at Aussie Chook Supplies. However, at this time we don’t have a definite date of arrival for our next lot of chickens due to the Border Closure between NSW and Victoria.

They will consist of 16 – 17 week old genuine ISA Browns, Australorp x (Black Layers) and Leghorn X (White Layers).

Please see our listing here to join out email notifications for when we have a confirmed delivery date to secure your new Feathered Family Members and ensure you read all the information provided.

To ensure the smoothest introduction to your family, we encourage you to have researched thoroughly and have their coop and everything else they need set up prior to pickup in Cranbourne (Melbourne).
Our Information Centre has stacks of information to help you with this learning, so check it all out here.

We are constantly sourcing the best products on the market for your Feathered Family Members and writing new content for your referral so if you find something that you think we need to stock or need to write about, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Stay Safe

Christine Dinas
Aussie Chook Supplies