Uploaded 11/9/2019

Fermenting Food for Chickens

Fermenting food for chickens and poultry keeping has been around for centuries, both in part due to the lack of machinery that made automated processing of livestock feed the norm but also due to the health benefits that it was found to have – for both poultry keepers and their flocks. Read on for more information…


Uploaded 11/9/2019

Brinsea EcoGlow Safety Brooders Brochure

Brinsea have exceeded expectations of their fantastic EcoGlow brooder range by releasing their new and improved EcoGlow Safety brooder range… but what makes them so safe and energy efficient. Read on for more information…


Uploaded 20/8/2019

How to Make a Healthy Mash for Your Flock

You will often see on the labels of Suburban Chooks supplements that they are to be added to ‘damp pellets or mash’ and ask yourself… What is a mash? Read on to find out what it is and how to make it for your Flock…


Uploaded 3/6/2019

Our Top Winter Tips for a Healthy Flock

Winter is the best time to address possible health issues that could affect or delay egg laying come spring time. And it’s a great way to stay warm on a cold day… so get ahead of things by doing these tasks when the sun is shining for a healthier flock and less work in Spring.


Uploaded 10/5/2019

How to Help Your Chickens Through Their Moult

Learn why feeding your chickens Suburban Chooks Healthy Chooks Spice Mix and Dried Mealworms can help your chooks to regrow feathers and resume egg laying faster.


Uploaded 3/4/2019

Gapeworm – Does my Gasping Chicken Have It?

Gapeworm is constantly raised as a possible cause for respiratory issues in chickens… which means that there isn’t a great understanding about it’s presentation and how to accurately diagnose this parasite. This information sheet answers your many questions about Gapeworm.


Uploaded 7/03/2018

Treating Poultry Lice Information Sheet

Poultry lice are a nuisance to all poultry but are easily treated with a range of products available on the market. This information sheet explains the life cycle, how they differ from mites and the effectiveness of available products for treatment.


Uploaded 27/02/2019

EcoGlow Safety Brooders – Why they are the Best on the Market?

Brinsea EcoGlow brooders have long since been a staple for hobby hatchers of all types of poultry. They have now improved their EcoGlow range and introduced a new mid-size unit. But what is it about them that make them the best on the market… we tell you why!


Uploaded 11/01/2019

Storing your Brinsea Incubator at the End of the Season
Correct storage of your Brinsea incubator will ensure the high hatch rates you have come to know and depend on for years to come. This article tells you how and is great to print or bookmark for future reference.