My love of chickens started as a young girl, with memories of me frantically chasing a mother hen around the backyard in the hope of stealing a quick hug from one of her little fluffy chicks. As I child I never did manage to catch any that way and I was constantly getting into trouble for feeding (or more accurately overfeeding) the cute little things every chance I could. Looking back, I think it was the piles of corn and rice spread far and wide that gave me away.

Fast-forward to adulthood and the realisation that our 2 year old daughter had no life experience with where eggs came from (and no sweetie, they don’t come from the shops) and she certainly hadn’t seen or held a live chick. So determined to rectify this, and after some internet research and a few phone calls, we were on our way to choosing our first three ‘girls’ – pekin bantam pullets. We were soooooo egg-cited. (I promise, this is the only chicken pun on the whole website but I stand by my belief that there had to be one. LOL).

Our hearts were stolen the moment we saw them. May I introduce to you (from left to right) Snow White, Popcorn and Lady Tremaine. My husband Arthur named the black chicken ‘Snow White’ – I refuse to take responsibility for that name 🙂

And so it began… the all consuming love of chooks! Many of you out there reading this know what I mean and many of you will soon be familiar with the grounding feeling of relaxation that only watching a chicken scratch around in the garden can bring… They are the cheapest pets you will ever own and will bring you so much joy…

In 2009, the love grew to registering Suburban Chooks as a small, family run business which is now operated from Cranbourne, in the South-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Chicken keeping is not a fad but a passion that grows amongst the community for a variety of reasons; growing awareness of inhumane conditions in commercial setups, the need for the freshest eggs from your own backyard or a new type of family pet which will truely capture your heart.

For eight years we proudly bred, incubated and sold hundreds of chickens every year to Melbourne Backyard Chicken Keepers, giving us a great knowledge base for a lot of the information you will find on our website. Our Information Centre on the top of the page has over sixty commonly asked questions that are asked at the beginning of your chicken keeping journey, including ‘How much room do I need?’ to ‘What food scraps can I feed my girls?’ and ‘What breed best suits my family?’.

We welcome posts to our Suburban Chooks Facebook and Instagram pages to ask a question, comment on our daily posts or share your lovely girls journey with us. Emails and conversations via our Instant Chat facility are also welcome.

We are proud suppliers of Brinsea EcoGlow brooders and their fantastic incubators, ChickenGuard Automatic Chicken Coop Door Openers, Dine-a-chook feeders and waterers, and also stock a great range of poultry health supplies. Our full range of products is available for purchase using our secure checkout facility (including Afterpay and Zippay – woo hoo!) and we ship Australia-wide. We are especially proud of our fast dispatch time so you get your goodies as soon as possible.

Whether your girls are adored pets, much appreciated egg providers or a member of the family, we have it all to help you to take the best care of them. So take some time out of your day, make a cuppa, sit with your chooks and check out what we have to offer you all.

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