Offsetting Our Carbon Emissions – Greenfleet Partnership

Author: Aussie Chook Supplies  

Aussie Chook Supplies is proud to be the FIRST online poultry supply business to partner with Greenfleet, working to reduce our carbon footprint.

A special milestone to kick-start our journey towards a reduced environmental footprint

At Aussie Chook Supplies, we love supporting our community with their Feathered Family members, as well as offering the best poultry supplies and equipment. But adorable pet chickens aside, we’re also incredibly passionate about protecting our beautiful environment and negating our carbon footprint. 

We’ve all seen the devastating impact of bushfires and climate change on our native forests, precious wildlife and local communities. This ever-growing reality is truly heartbreaking and we strongly believe that as humans, we can all do our mother-clucking part to fight climate change and protect the one planet we’re fortunate enough to call home – if not for us, for the future generations to come. 

As an Australian-owned business that’s run by a family that pride itself on minimising our environmental footprint on the home front, Aussie Chook Supplies is extremely proud to announce our partnership with Greenfleet, as of March 2020. Whilst we’ve always been eco-conscious, we’re over the moon to have found a tangible way to further negate the operational impacts of our business, ensuring less detriment to our environment.

Through Greenfleet, we can now take practical climate action and offset any of our operational carbon emissions, from gas and electricity usage through to freight and deliveries.

A carbon offsetting partnership to grow our forests and grow climate hope

As our business progresses, we’re devoted to continually seeking out better ways to minimise our carbon footprint. By partnering with Greenfleet, we’re taking climate action and offsetting our carbon emissions through native reforestation across Australia and New Zealand. 

Joining an equally impassioned community of like-minded businesses and individuals, we’re making a genuine difference to the environment – and we’re keeping our fingers (and chicken feet) crossed that many more will jump on the carbon offsetting bandwagon. 

By planting biodiverse native trees on behalf of Aussie Chook Supplies, Greenfleet is helping us to:

  • Restore native forests and ecosystems 
  • Provide crucial habitat for endangered wildlife
  • Counter the devastating impact of the bushfires
  • Reduce the impacts of climate change

Aussie Chook Supplies is the first, and currently only, business in the online poultry supply industry to commit to this important step of looking after our environment. 
Whether you’re a small business, large organisation or an individual, you too can spread your wings and make an environmental difference. To find out how you can take climate action, please visit the Greenfleet website.


Who is Greenfleet?

Greenfleet is a leading not-for-profit, environmental organisation committed to protecting our climate through forest restoration. 

Since 1997, they have planted over 9.4 million native trees across 500 biodiverse forests in Australia and New Zealand. As the Greenfleet forests grow, they capture millions of tonnes of carbon emissions from our atmosphere, fighting the impacts of climate change. The reforestation also improves soil and water quality, and restores habitat for native wildlife, including many endangered species. 

Aussie Chook Supplies chose to partner locally with Greenfleet as they are Australia’s most respected source of biodiverse carbon offsets. Through practical and meaningful environmental action, Greenfleet is growing hope for our climate.

Learn more about Greenfleet here

We’d also like to thank you, our loyal customers, for choosing Aussie Chook Supplies for all your chicken keeping requirements. From now on, whenever you purchase new chickens, poultry equipment or supplies from us, you can rest assured that all the carbon produced in the process will be offset. You’re doing your bit for our planet too – go egg-cellent team!

You can also read more about how Aussie Chook Supplies are making small steps to make a big difference in other ways, further reducing our environmental impact here.

Happy Chooking!
Christine from Aussie Chook Supplies