Small Steps towards Making a Big Difference for Our Environment

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am a fairly big Greenie. Along with chicken keeping, we love gardening and have strong personal beliefs about reducing our environmental footprint, both personally and professionally.

We try to cook fresh and local, buying in season and staying away from as many pre-packed products as we can. We are big recyclers, often collecting discarded waste on our local walks and recycling them in our own facilities at home to help reduce that waste from going into storm water drains and making the areas generally look cleaner.

Our efforts to reduce our environmental impact has also been extended to our business practices in every way we can think, big or small. We believe that although we are only a small family business, if we (Australian small businesses in general) all do our part it all adds up to a big difference.

We have utilised our local community for years to access boxes, bubble wrap and other packaging materials to reuse and recycle where we can instead of adding to the enormous amounts of packaging waste produced.

We shred and recycle the waste paper that we produce and add it to the chicken coop bedding materials for our chickens (known as deep litter method), before it is used in our garden beds as broken down plant-based matter.

We buy in bulk (where possible) and try to schedule deliveries and supplier pickups at the same day to better utilise vehicle use, reduce car emissions and time on the road. We keep our work-related vehicle well maintained to minimise unnecessary strain on the environment and increased emissions. We pay surcharges to support responsible disposal of old car parts, oil and tyres.

More recently we have changed our satchel packaging to further reflect this, by using padded recycled paper satchels and home compostable satchels from The Better Packaging Co. We constantly researching for the best, economically viable alternative packaging solutions to further reduce other consumables and waste we are producing from sending out packaging to customers also.

In March 2020 we took a significant step towards further reducing our carbon footprint. We are very proud to announce that we were the first online Poultry Supply business to proudly partner with Greenfleet.

By donating to Greenfleet annually, we know that we are contributing to the restoration of Australian native forests to reduce the carbon emissions our business produces - from the gas and electricity usage in our offices through to emissions from the couriers who deliver to our customers.

This is a significant step for us, and any business so you can read more about our partnership with Greenfleet  Partnership and what it specifically means here.

We would also like to thank our loyal customers for choosing Aussie Chook Supplies for all your chicken keeping requirements. From now on, whenever you purchase new products, health supplies or anything else from our range you can rest assured that all the carbon produced in the process will be offset. So you’re doing your bit for the planet too… Together I think we make an egg-cellent team.

Happy Chooking!
Christine from Aussie Chook Supplies