Apple Cidar Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

Unpasteurized Apple Cider Vinegar lowers a birds PH level which in turn makes their system less pathogen and parasite friendly , It detoxifies their blood & helps remove mucus. This is highly beneficial as poultry are prone to respiratory problems.

ACV is also an antiseptic , a mild antibiotic and a digestive  aid , It contains Potassium (respiratory)  Malic Acid (to fight infections from Fungi and harmful Bacteria) Acetic Acid (lowers PH levels) and Pegin (facilitates blood pressure regulation) . ACV also contains Vitamins C,E,A,B1,B2,B6,P and provitamin  beta carotene

An application of 20 ml per litre of water and given on a regular basis will be an aid to maintaining good poultry health……Note ACV is also a Diuretic and should be avoided on days of extreme heat

EDIT .. Unpasteurized Apple Cider Vinegar is like Lemon juice when it enters our system a reaction causes it to turn to Alkaline .The explanation of “How” is simple ; When a system digests it oxidises foods, it in a sense burns ,this has the effect of leaving Ash behind .ACV has inherently a high residue ash content and ash is Alkaline and this is how (while it is acidic) ultimately it turns systems Alkaline via digestive process .One of the ways that food is given it’s energy rating is to burn it and measure the heat that is given off and in this process they can also measure it’s ash content per acid/alkaline properties in a purified water mix ……As a PS they have dispelled the myth that corn should not be feed to chickens in Summer in fact it actually assists to lower body temperature.

The opposite of the digestive reaction happens when it is put on skin,it… A… exfoliates (removes dead skin by acidic reaction)  … B Increases the Acid level of skin (skin should be acidic) this helps replace Sebum (protective oils) that soaps remove (soaps are mostly Alkaline). Sebum Inhibits growth’s of bad bacteria and fungi’s ,this in turn assists against things like pimples and allergic reactions …C.. Protective lipids (fats) are also removed by soaps ACV helps to replenish these .Lipids are high in Fat soluble vitamins A,E,D and K (amongst other things) these help protect skin.

Apple cidar vinegar will do nothing to treat worm burdens but will keep down the algae growth in water containers.