EcoGlow Safety Brooders – Why they are the Best on the Market

We have been so excited these past couple of months, knowing that these brooders were on the ship and making their way to Melbourne. I mean, seriously, Brinsea’s EcoGlow Brooder range was already recognised as the highest quality brooders on the poultry equipment market and somehow they have managed to make them even better!!! And to reflect those changes, comes an apt change of name… they are now named the EcoGlow Safety Brooder range.

What is an EcoGlow Safety Brooder?

EcoGlow Safety brooders are a height adjustable heat source which allows you to keep up with your chicks growing needs. Being a heat only source (no lights), the EcoGlow brooder allows your chicks to grow more naturally and have sleep cycles which aren’t inhibited by bright lights shining on them 24/7.

The actual heat pad is safe for human touch so rest assured that your fluffy little babies can huddle up underneath without getting burnt. Much like the body heat from a Mother Hen, the chicks will move under or away as their needs dictate. To be most effective, it should be set up out of draughts, so a box with high sides is perfect. I compare the radiant heat from the brooders and draughts to be similar to being at the Footy when it is windy. You can stand under one of those large industrial bar heaters but if it is windy you will still feel very cold. We have also used rabbit cages with towels over one end at night with great success.

Why use an EcoGlow Safety Brooder?

EcoGlow Safety brooder units are suitable for up to 5-6 weeks, when most poultry are fully feathered and able to live independantly. At this age, they should not require any further heat source and with adequate housing, they are able to live outside and maintain their body heat quite well.

Traditional reptile globes and ceramic heat bulbs can chew through huge amounts of power, using anywhere between 75-200 watts of power per bulb. EcoGlow Safety brooders are fantastic energy savers in comparison, using between 12-50 watts of power at peak periods. The maximum energy consumption on the EcoGlow 50 chick brooder used to be 60 watts and that size is even more energy efficient now. How awesome is that?!?!
Far and away the safest on the market, with the 12v transformer also. Recommended for draught free environments, a box with high sides is absolutely fine… 

With more chicken lovers coming together on forums and Facebook groups, the incidence of fires using other heat sources is much higher than originally thought. Although honestly, you can’t really be surprised when you think of something that is on 24/7, in an isolated location, combining heat with flammable bedding sources?

What makes them so good, and even better than the original brooders?


Lower power consumption and technological design advances that make them the safest brooders on the market. Yes, seriously!!! It is a BIG claim, but one they can very safely make with their new technology.


A new size added to the range!!! There continues to be the Brinsea EcoGlow 20 chick brooder (now called the Brinsea EcoGlow Safety 600) and the Brinsea EcoGlow 50 chick brooder (now called the Brinsea EcoGlow Safety 2000) but they have added a medium size… the Brinsea EcoGlow 1200 Brooder.


Improved design features for more effective chick brooding –

– A metal heat plate to improve heat radiation and evenness of temperature under the brooder (compared to plastic alternatives).
– Hooded/flared skirt around the heat pad is to retain heat within the brooder plate
– Height adjustable, screw-in legs on all models (no more fiddly tools needed for adjusting)

Which one do I want/need?

We have put together this handy, dandy comparison chart to help you compare the important bits…

Can it only be used for chickens?

Not at all… the Brinsea Safety EcoGlow brooder is suitable for all breeds of poultry, including ducks and quail. Some customers have told us that they have put contact (assuming clear but no reason you can’t use any) on the top of the yellow platform to enable easier cleaning between broods.

With so many brands available, why should I buy the EcoGlow Safety Brooder?

As with all great ideas, there are (in our opinion) inferior copies of brooder equipment available on the market. That’s just how it works with anything now-a-days. When asked why should we use this product compared to others, we simply point out that our Brinsea EcoGlow Safety brooder has an Australian (three pin) plug which is set at the factory and has therefore passed stringent quality assurance testing. You also won’t need an adaptor to change a foreign plug. We have also heard that the leg design is superior on the EcoGlow Safety brooder as it is much sturdier and needs less ‘fiddling’ to get it right (all models now have the screw in legs).

And more importantly, it comes with a full 3 year Australia-based warranty (all claims come back to me if you have purchased from Aussie Chook Supplies). No other brands will give you that piece of mind… Yes you may save a few dollars if you get a cheaper knockoff from Ebay, or even the same model direct from the UK… but if something goes wrong will you really send it back to them? Or can you even send it back to them? Or is it now just landfill?

How do they work raising chicks in Winter?

We have raised chicks outdoors in Melbourne, which is still pretty chilly at night, with huge success. We also have a multitude of customers in Tasmania who use EcoGlow brooders in brooder boxes on their porches or garages and throw a blanket over the box at night. The main tip needs to be high sided brooders with extra coverage at night to protect from draughts. You may also need to check that the chicks know where to sleep the first couple of nights and they will need to be taught/moved to under the EcoGlow Safety brooder unit.
As it is a radiant/contact heat source, it works differently from traditional heat sources. Therefore measuring the temperature with a thermometer will not be a reliable gauge of unit effectiveness.

  • Brinsea make the following recommendations for raising chicks in cold weather conditions. To get the best use from this low power unit it is important to understand that there is no big margin of ‘spare’ heat and some precautions need to be taken depending on the ambient temperature in the room, and on the age and number of chicks –and the size or species.
  • Always watch the behaviour of the birds. If they are too cool they will huddle together, make “peep” noises and will not come out from under the brooder. When warm enough the birds will be quiet, often lie down and will occasionally come out from under the brooder. The more of them, the less external warmth they need.
  • Avoid draughts. Your EcoGlow Safety should be located in an area free from draughts and chicks should be provided with plenty of bedding.
  • Room temperature should not drop below 10 degrees at night.
  • Chicks prefer the brooder panel to be set low down at first so they can snuggle underneath as they would in the nest. Always ensure there is a minimum of 30mm between the brooder and the litter surface.
  • If brooding very young quail or very small numbers of any small birds, it is a good idea to confine them in a cardboard box at least twice the size of the EcoGlow, put the brooder against one side of the box so that the birds can only enter on the other side. This conserves warmth under the brooder but still allows birds to move freely out into the open as they wish. Another useful trick is to put the whole box on a slab of 1” polystyrene to reduce heat loss from the bottom.
  • Always allow enough space around one side of the chick brooder to allow free movement of chicks. They will find their own comfortable temperature by moving under (or on top of) the brooder as they require. In a colder location close off one or two sides against the side of the brooding box or pen.
  • Chicks should stay in the incubator for a minimum 24 hours to recover from hatching and to dry off, they do not require food or water. If a chick fails to thrive, return it to the incubator for longer. Closely monitor new chicks for the first few days when they are most vulnerable.
Any other tips/tricks you can suggest?

The top can also get messy as the chicks grow and find that they are warm on the top of the brooder as well as underneath. Some customers have shared images on social media where they have fashioned cardboard barriers to block the chicks from jumping on top. Others use material (tea towels or old material cut to size), secured with elastic bands and just compost the material when it gets to the time for replacement. And we also have customers who use contact and replace as necessary.

Talk to me/us about the warranty period (the boring but necessary stuff)…

All Brinsea electrical products (Incubators, EcoGlow Safety brooders and TLC brooders) purchased from Aussie Chook Supplies online after 1st February 2015 are covered by a three year warranty period. The warranty period begins from when the item is dispatched from Aussie Chook Supplies (as all items are sent with tracking numbers attached). Should a fault arise during the warranty period the unit may be repaired or replaced at Aussie Chook Supplies’ discretion, after consultation with Brinsea Australia to determine the cause of the fault.

Please note that any Brinsea Products purchased outside of Aussie Chook Supplies will not be covered under our warranty. Such units include Amazon products, eBay overseas purchases, etc. If in doubt please contact us for clarification via our contact us page.

Please note we are unable to provide a warranty for any product registered without a serial number. You should not accept any Brinsea products without a serial number – if you find that your purchase does not have a serial number please return it to the person you bought it from and ask for a replacement or refund.

This manufacturer’s warranty supplements the rights to which you are entitled under law covering the terms of your purchase from the supplier. Your legal rights are not affected in any way. Brinsea Products is pleased to accept your order and goods are supplied subject to our standard trading terms and conditions.

To qualify for warranty claims you must:

Contact Aussie Chook Supplies with your serial number for the product
Be the original purchaser of the product – you may be required to provide proof of purchase to validate your warranty.
Notify Aussie Chook Supplies of defect before the warranty period expires.
Have used the incubator for its proper purpose and stored it clean and dry.
If required send the unit back to Aussie Chook Supplies at your own cost. Return or replacement units will be sent back to you at no cost to yourself.
This warranty applies to working parts only. Complete machines should only be returned with prior agreement with Aussie Chook Supplies.

We want our customers to remain happy with their products purchased from us and their experiences dealing with us so we will always endeavour to work with you to a satisfactory outcome.

Do you give discounts for larger orders?

A discounted price is available for a minimum of 4 units purchased in one transaction, of any size combination. Standard postage and handling charges apply, either through Sendle or Australia Post (as is customer preference). Contact us for prices.

I have another question…

If we haven’t answered all your questions in relation to these fantastic products, feel free to contact us with your question and we will certainly get back to you with an answer as soon as possible 🙂

Hope this article has helped you all!
Christine from Aussie Chook Supplies