Refunds WILL be honoured on ‘change of mind’ items as per Consumer Law, as long as the items have not been dispatched to the customer. This is obviously as once it leaves our hands the items cannot be easily brought back to our possession without further costs being incurred.

Items that have been dispatched or picked up by couriers from Aussie Chook Supplies will need to be returned to us (at the cost of the purchaser) before refunds will be returned. We also require tracking information for returned items to be forwarded to us, just as we provide tracking information to you when we send items out.

Customers who request a refund will be refunded their full amount MINUS a 20% restocking fee. Given that we are honouring change of mind items (which a lot of businesses don’t) we hope you are understanding of this matter.

By law, refunds can only be given using the same method that payment was made. To clarify, if you pay via Paypal, your refund will be made via Paypal. It is illegal for us to refund in any other way.

If you have paid via Afterpay, you will need to contact both the seller (us) and Afterpay to confirm the process. This will be dependant on whether you have paid any installments towards your item etc.


Tough Egg and Maintenance Peck Blocks are not a toy/stimulation product that can be hung like other products on the market for smaller pet birds (budgies etc). Due to the hugely different ingredients in these peck blocks, they can be very crumbly and fall apart easily (hence the inability to hang them for stimulation as a ‘peck toy’). Also, due to the rough handling that is an unfortunate reality of Australian freight carriers, it is not unusual for this item to arrive and turn from the initial block shape (in the packaging) to a bag of crumbled grains and other ingredients. This does not detract from any nutritional value or enjoyment the chickens will have eating it, is it purely a shape difference. As such, refunds will not be given if the product arrives and does not retain it’s original block shape.


Whilst we have made every attempt to show textures, appearances and colours of our goods as accurately as possible on the Aussie Chook Supplies Website, product images may vary from the delivered Goods depending on your monitor, settings and computer equipment.  Unless otherwise stated, any additional goods and accessories styled or shown in a goods image are for display purposes only and are not included in the listed price. You must ensure that you carefully read the goods title and description before purchasing anything from our Website.


All orders are made subject to availability.  Whilst Aussie Chook Supplies endeavours to ensure that goods are available for delivery, there may be some circumstances where goods are unavailable.

Where we cannot fulfil your order, or a part of your order, we will notify you within a reasonable time after you complete your order.  Please note that we may need to reject your order or reject part of your order on this basis.

If your order is rejected or cancelled, we will refund in full all amounts you have paid in respect of such unavailable goods.  Alternatively, we may contact you to advise you of a delay in restocking a particular good and a delay in delivery of your order.  In this case, you may elect to proceed with your order on the basis of a delayed delivery date, cancel your order or select an alternative good. If you do not vary or cancel your order within 1 business day of notification, you are deemed to have accepted the delay.

We reserve the right to limit the sale of goods to reasonable or normal household quantities.