Covid19, Chicken Availability and Customer Order Updates

Tuesday March 31st, 2020 Hey There Customers, Due to the increased demand in keeping backyard chickens, we have found a supplier who can meet the increasing demand we have at Aussie Chook Supplies.Please see our listing here to secure your new Feathered Family Members and ensure you read all the information provided. COVID-19 Delays Being […]

Gapeworm – Does my Gasping Chicken Have it?

Written by Dr. Grant Richards – Allfarm Animal Health (Hastings, Victoria). Everyone seems to have heard of gapeworm. The main reason is that when you internet search “poultry respiratory disease” or “difficulty breathing” (or related terms) the Search Engines quickly tell you about Gape Worm. Gapeworm – or Syngamus trachea in Latin – when translated, […]