Hi Chicken Lovers…

As you have noticed, there is a shortage of quality incubators in Australia as we have been affected by the shortage of parts worldwide and increased demand. But the good news has been confirmed. Our in stock date is expected to be

Friday 16th October, 2020

This is for all benchtop models of incubators (7 egg through to 56 egg capacity), both sizes of EcoGlow brooders, High Intensity Candlers hatching mats and other accessories.

Edited to update – 12/10/2020
We have been advised from our Supplier to close all incubator pre-orders from today. Due to huge demand a lot of models are out of stock and we need to meet current pro-orders and determine stock levels after the first stage of preorders are sent out.

At this stage, we are hoping to adjust our website with accurate incubator numbers shortly after Tuesday 20th October 2020. If you have registered for an instock notifier email and receive an email, numbers will be very limited so we would encourage you to place your order ASAP.

We are fully expecting to sell out quickly with the next shipment from the UK being at towards the end of January. What a head-spin of a breeding season, folks!!!

Happy Chooking!
Christine from Aussie Chook Supplies