Common Egg Shell Quality Issues

Author: Aussie Chook Supplies  

Chickens can and do lay a wide variety of eggs in a natural environment. Colour variations from the same chook, funky shapes and textures/bumps are all things that you don’t see in supermarket eggs as they are removed from the commercial market. But some eggs can truely make you scratch your head in wonder and even cause concern, wondering if there is something wrong with your girl. This great resource from Alltech can help determine the cause of your egg abnormalities and whether it is a blip in their reproductive systems (and therefore nothing to worry about ’cause nature is nature) or whether it is something more sinister and a change of diet or supplement is needed.
Either way, hopefully the answer to your egg quality issues can be found here.


Blood Stained Eggs     Body Checked Eggs


Broken & Mended Eggshell     Calcium Coated Eggs


Calcium Deposits on eggs     Corrugated Eggshell


Cracked Eggshells     Dirty Eggs


Lilac / Pink Eggs     Mishappen Eggs


Mottled Eggshells     Pale-shelled Eggs


Pimpled Eggs     Shell-less Eggs


Slab-sided Eggs     Soft-shelled eggs


White / Brown Speckled Eggs     White Banded Eggs


Wrinkled Eggs