EXZOLT Red Mite Treatment - The Important Bits!

Author: Aussie Chook Supplies  

In a recent survey by Aussie Chook Supplies (2022), it was found that 80% of Australian Poultry Keepers have experienced issues with poultry red mite and/or poultry lice.

We are so proud to be stockists of the worldwide, gold standard treatment for Poultry Red Mites (Dermanyssus gallinae) and Northern Fowl Mites (Ornithonyssus sylviarum) - Exzolt (fluralaner) in both 100ml and 1L quantities. And the good news is that smaller 50ml bottles of Exzolt will hopefully be available for backyard chicken keepers around April/May 2023!!!

Exzoltis an innovative, easy-to-use, effective and safe parasiticide for chickens that eliminates 99%+ of by systematically treating host birds via drinking water. That means that there is now no need to treat the coop/external environment!!!

Having said that, we are still a bit on the wary side and sprayed our coop/Cubby house internally and externally with Elanco Elector PSP Animal Premise Spray and add Aussie Chook Supplies Pest Off Naturally to our flocks deep litter bedding... If you have ever had them in your hair, clothes and brought them inside your couch, you will understand our slight paranoia. Yes, it was more than 15 years ago but I still itch thinking about it... Yerk.

The other incredible benefit of Exzolt has over other traditional treatments is that is has a Zero (0) days withdrawal period for eggs and only 14 days for meat and offal. No need for off label treatments found widely on the internet with no research regarding the effects on poultry or humans who may consume the resulting eggs.

This brochure is sent out to all customers who have purchased Exzolt as a quick reference guide to have on hand. It is in the format of a trifold brochure, if you are wondering about the weird layout.

If you want more detailed information, please see any / all of the links below...


Exzolt Information Sheet - all the legal/technical stuff

Exzolt Full Product Label

Exzolt Administration / Mixing Guide - the official one 

Exzolt Tech Manual - an awesome read

Exzolt Website

And dont forget if you have any questions, you can always contact us on the live chat or by emailing christine@aussiechooksupplies.com.au

Good luck, Chicken Tenders!

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