When you are looking to add a new member to the family (of the non-Human variety) it always helps to do your research. I have spent years compiling this information so new and potential backyard chicken keepers can find a lot of the information that they need in the one place. This information is always been added to, tweaked and updated as my personal and professional interest in chicken keeping grows. And I’ve tried to keep in one place so you can find it easily, or share it for your own reference.
Having said that, I in no way purport to be in the end all and be all of chicken knowledge. I am not a vet or trained in any level of animal care. The information written herein is  a combination of my own experience, my opinion, information that I have learnt from others more experienced than myself, licensed veterinarians who I have paid for a variety of different poultry illnesses and that old faithful, the internet… So please take what you read here with a grain of salt. Retain and hold onto what you find to be accurate and throw away the rest. Keep reading and researching, join many of the active chicken groups on Facebook and share our passion. At the end of the day it’s your chickens, your choice and your family.
Either way, enjoy the new feathered additions to your family. I’m sure you will love them as much as thousands do in Australia and millions worldwide!