Keeping More than 50 Chickens/Poultry in Victoria?

Author: Aussie Chook Supplies  

Do you live in Victoria?
Do you own (or want to own) more than 50 poultry?
Do you ever sell, give away or swap poultry with other breeders?

In September 2018, Agriculture Victoria amended the current regulations around what livestock that can be kept Property Identification Code (‘PIC’) to including those chicken/poultry keepers who have more than 50 poultry or 10 emus or ostriches.

Poultry is defined by Agriculture Victoria to be “domesticated fowl, chickens, ducks, geese, turkey, guinea fowl, pigeons, quail or pheasants”.

The purpose of property identification is partly for tracing and controlling disease and residue problems that may be detected after leaving the farm, but also for locating properties and owners that have livestock when an outbreak of a disease that may threaten their enterprise is detected in an area. Traceability systems provide confidence to consumers in domestic and overseas markets that the products they buy are of good quality.

All livestock businesses (saleyards, cattle scales, abattoirs, knackeries and stock agents) must also have a livestock PIC.”

More information on Victorian regulations for PIC’s, how to apply for one and all related information on keeping poultry with a PIC, can be found on Agriculture Victoria website page.