The Incubation Handbook

Author: Aussie Chook Supplies  

Brinsea are far and away our preferred product range for hatching eggs and rearing chicks (or other poultry breeds) because of their high quality products, ease of use and consistent results – all as a result of more than 40 years of constant research to get the best product to their customers.

To help everyone gain a better understanding of the hatching process, they have put together this comprehensive guideline “The Incubation Handbook”.

Let it be said, however, that I haven’t read it (although my Husband has – he is the lead manual reader in our relationship. lol. I’m too impatient.)
I always stand by the fact that with Brinsea incubators (and all quality brands of incubators) all you should be able to do is unbox the incubator, plug it in, add eggs and water and turn it on. Then, as it is heating up and starting to do it’s magic for the first time, have a good read of the instruction manual so you are more confident in using/understanding the features of the incubator and where to find basic troubleshooting information should any basic issues occur.

If you manage to lose the paper manual or prefer online manuals (or want to research your particular incubator) you can find a comprehensive list of all the Brinsea Product Manual/Instructions here.